#2 A little bit extra ♥️💚💛💜

So, Harry Potter is a famous book and movie series known by almost everyone. Jk Rowling’s wonderful imagination has all of us waiting for our very own Hogwarts letter. While you wait, let me tell you a bit about the Harry Potter Movies. Here are 6 things that you probably didn’t know about the Harry Potter Movies.

Waiting for yours? Me too!!

Soo, let’s Begin!!!

1. The food in the great hall scene was real: Yup! You read that right. The team made sure that each and every plate of food was edible 😋🤤🤤

2. Lots Of Cars Were Wrecked For The Whomping Willow Scene: 14 Ford Anglias were absolutely wrecked while trying to film the Whomping Willow scene, reports IMDB….. That’s a lot of cars 😅🤣

3. Daniel Radcliffe Didn’t Prepare Properly For The Yule Ball Scene: Yup that’s right! He was filmed from the waist up so that the audience wouldn’t see him tripping over his feet as he had only a few days to prepare 😂🤣

4.Tom Felton Was Prevented From Stealing Food On Set: Tom’s costume pockets were sewn shut to prevent him from taking food off the set. Looks like the food was amazing 😍😍

5. Daniel Radcliffe Went Through A LOT Of Prop Glasses: How about you take a guess… 10? 30? 50? 100? Nope.. a whopping 160 pairs!!! 😮😵😵

6.The 7 Harry’s scene: 90 shots had to be taken in order to get the 7 Harry’s!!! 😮😮😮

We’re at the end 😍 I hope you enjoyed reading these and had fun! Have a great day ahead and stay safe ♥️♥️♥️

Byee ♥️

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