#18 Famous Daily Quotes ♥️

Actions speak louder than words

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln: one of the most famous people of all time has a simple yet important value to share through his quote.

What you do makes a difference rather than what you say. Saying that you can or will do something is useless unless you actually do it.

Not saying anything but doing the job well is far far better than just making false promises and getting people’s hopes up only for them to be disappointed.

Speak what you will do, and do what you say

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  1. These are sentiments to live by. It’s great to read the remarks from such historical figures; although you don’t know them personally some of them often raised alot of timeless issues that are still relevant to the time you are in, even though they are long gone; this is very intriguing lol.

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      1. aww shucks, I am overcomed with a sense of warm embrace and profound enamoration 🤘🤘😂🥳

        I feel blesseded that you are appreciative and I hope that whenever you take a read of the post you get a kick out of the queston and answer section compliments of Dulcy haha

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