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#23 Famous Daily Quotes ♥️

Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit


This quote is short but has a deep meaning that shines right through it! Winners are optimistic, hard working, determined, look on the bright side always and help others. It’s not that there are a handful of people who never lose, it’s just that there are a handful of people who never quit.

However, the beauty of this world is that though only this handful of people never quit, each and every person living on Earth (or any other planet 😂) has the potential; the capability to shape themselves and change themselves, nurture themselves to be able to get through anything!

Stay strong, never quit!! ♥️


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    1. Thanks!! That’s so true! It couldn’t be put in more simpler and better words! Exactly! It’s time to spread more positivity and hope all around us! Thanks a lot for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it!! ♥️


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