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#24 Famous Daily Quotes ♥️

I’m standing outside, so if anyone asks, I’m Outstanding


This is a hilarious quote!!! At first, it doesn’t seem to have any such meaning but it actually does!

This funny quote, teaches us to look at things in a calm and funny way and not take everything seriously! It tells us to keep our hopes up no matter what and always look on the bright side!

Stay happy, stay safe, spread Positivity!! ♥️


42 thoughts on “#24 Famous Daily Quotes ♥️

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  1. I love this quote and I think I have THAT kind of a personality 🤣☺️😜
    I think that’s because my friends always tell me that I’m very care-free and just……. You know?😂😂😂😂

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                    1. hello Aditi ❤ <3, good to see you as always hahaa.

                      We haven't chatted in a while indeed lol. Thanks for wishing me Happy Halloween; I hope that you enjoyed yours as well. I would have preferred to actually wish you happy Halloween yesterday instead but I saw your message late — forgive me 😂😂

                      Liked by 1 person

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