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Happy Halloween! 🎃

It's 31st of October! It's Halloween!! Happy Halloween to all of you! Though this might be the first Halloween where we don't go trick or treating, we can still make it fun at home! Here are some cool ideas to have some Halloween fun at home! 1. Bake Halloween Themed Cupcakes! The best thing about... Continue Reading →

Cupcakes! 🧁🧁

Cupcakes by definition are: small cakes designed to serve one person, which may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup. Cupcakes are one of my favorite sweets (cakes) ever especially because of the fact that they're small, can be made in a variety of different flavors and combinations with the icing and... Continue Reading →

Guest posts!!

Heyy everyone!! It's been quite a long time since I announced the guest post winners. However, I still haven't shared the guest posts, so here it goes!! Drumroll please!! The first guest post will be Tia's!! Before I get started, thank you so much Aditi for inviting me to do a guest post!! I’ve loved... Continue Reading →

I’m back!

Hello everyone!!! I'm back! I've had quite a lot of work lately so I haven't been on WordPress as much... I hope that each and every one of you is safe and healthy wherever you are 😄 I just wanted to ask you all what you'd like to see next on this blog!! I hope... Continue Reading →

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