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The Ocean: a poem

Hello everyone! Since my last poem: Nature, was really liked by all of you and most of you wanted to read more, here’s another poem that I’ve written called ‘The Ocean’ If you haven’t read my last poem and want to check it out, click here!

So here it is!

‘The Ocean’

The Ocean: big, blue, vast and majestic

The calmness and gentleness are so magnetic

On a regular day on a small white yacht

A splash of the ocean water and my woes I forgot

Its like a bowl of nectar from heaven

My mind, my heart now it’s all freshened

The roar of the waves left back at the shore,

It was as if in the middle of the ocean, it was someone never seen before!

The simple calmness of the ocean blue

Is the ocean trying to give me a clue?

The gentle wind blowing through my hair,

Made every moment in the ocean, special and rare.

The green algae and the schools of fish

Move around in a ‘Splish, Splash, Swish!’

The dolphins jumping with flawless grace,

Wow! The Ocean has brought a smile on my face!

By Aditi

This is another 5 minute poem, so I hope you all enjoyed reading this!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend ahead!

Byee 💖


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