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#Blogmas Day 4 🎄🎉

Heyy everyone! Today I'm going to share 5 of the most famous carols of Christmas! 😄 1. Jingle Bells: This is one of the most famous carols of all time and everyone knows it! Sing along with you friends on Christmas and have a great time! 2. Joy to the World: This is another famous... Continue Reading →

#Blogmas Day 3 🎄🎉

Heyy everyone! So today, I'm going to be sharing some facts about the famous Christmas candy: Candy canes! Candy canes are usually cane shaped peppermint candies and they're so sweet and amazing to eat! It's traditionally white with red stripes but is now also made in a variety of flavors, designs and colors! Here are... Continue Reading →

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