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#Blogmas Day 15 🎄🎉

Heyy everyone! It's 10 days to Christmas! Christmas is always fun when there's a lot of snow!! Here are 2 fun things to do in the snow in your very own backyard for a fun and safe Christmas!! 1. Build a snowman! Building a snowman is one of the most fun things that we all... Continue Reading →

#Blogmas Day 14 🎄🎉

Hii everyone! Welcome back to my blog!! It's 11 days to Christmas! So today I'll be sharing 3 favourite things to bake/cook on Christmas Eve!! 1. Building a Gingerbread House! Well this isn't really baking but still is a fun activity! Building a Gingerbread House is an interesting and fun thing to do especially with... Continue Reading →

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