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Little Things: a poem ✨

Hey everyone, here’s a poem I wrote! I hope you enjoy reading it!

Little things, a small moment,

Has such a power to bring enjoyment,

The mesmerizing blooming flowers,

Spreading Peace, Positivity and Patience: the need of the hour,

The slight rustle of the branches of the trees,

The crunch of the leaves under my feet in this breeze,

The buzz of the hardworking bees,

Brings to my heart a sense of peace,

As I walk down the path created by mother nature,

I learn and discover the joy in this adventure,

Its a path, a path for me, a path for you, a path for all of us to walk on together,

And face the atrocities with bravery whatsoever, whenever and wherever,

As I take a seat in the tree’s lap,

It seems as if the fish are giving a clap,

The pretty birds singing in the sky,

The little ones in the nest who long to fly,

The ants working so hard for their home,

The witty squirrel hunting for his nut alone,

The little frogs on the lily pad,

These little things are what makes me glad.

Aditi from What are you up to during the Lockdown??

I hope you all enjoyed reading this poem 🙂

Stay safe! Byee


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