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Top 3 series to watch on Netflix ✨

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another post!

While we stay at home to stay safe, it’s natural to get bored often and to fall into deep thought of what to do next. One of the most common things to kill time is to watch TV and what better than old classic NETFLIX!

Here are my top 3 favorite series on Netflix that I’ve recently watched and would recommend you to watch along with a brief on what they’re about and how much I rate them out of 5. So let’s get into it!

1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things revolves around 4 best friends: Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas. It focuses on how Mike, Dustin and Lucas discover about the “Upside Down” in their quest to rescue their best friend Will when he disappears. They then face the terrifying demogorgan as well. This series has 3 seasons and a 4th coming soon as well.

I give it 5 stars!


2. Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor is another series that is well known for its wonderful concept and plot. It revolves around Tom Kirkman and the challenges he faces to bring America back to a united nation after an attack on its Capitol. Previously as a HUD secretary, he struggles to cope up with being a president and faces many challenges.

I give this one 5 stars as well!!


3. The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is a thrill for all those Chess lovers out there. The entire series revolves around Beth Harmon, a talented young chess player who learns chess at her orphanage and gradually becomes a top player beating champion after champion.

I give this series 5 stars as well!


That’s all for today! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and do watch these series!

Let me know if you’ve watched any of these and which one is your favourite in the comments!

Have a great day ahead and stay safe! Bye!


32 thoughts on “Top 3 series to watch on Netflix ✨

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            1. Everyone’s so nice, I don’t know who to pick.. but I think my favourite is Steve. The way he realised he was wrong in the first season and then changed to be a good guy, it’s not that easy to do.

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    1. Ohh, yeah it’s actually really difficult finding shows age appropriate for everyone (especially when you want to find a show you want to watch with your entire family and you’re the only outlier 😅😂)

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  1. These sound great but I need to wait just a little longer to watch them😊😊
    I am 13 and I was hosting my first ever online baking workshop… If you or anyone you know would be interested, let me know😊 I have given details in my most recent blog posts.. hope to hear from you soon and bye!

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