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“The Beach” – a poem πŸ–οΈπŸŒŠ

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another post on What are you up to during the Lockdown??

Today, I’ll be sharing another 5 minute poem with you all. I hope you enjoy reading it!

The wind in my hair,

The small beads of the sand between my toes,

The smell of the ocean in the air,

Oh how I’ve forgotten my woes,

As I walk towards the ocean,

I hear it calling out to me,

My legs move in effortless motion,

I know it’s calling to me,

The clear water surrounding my feet,

It’s cold touch brings a soothing freshness within,

I’ve come to you, O’ Ocean to meet,

As the waves wave, my face puts on a grin,

I sit down on the sand; my palm feeling the seashells under the sand,

I pick one up and put it to my ear,

What a day and the ending is so grand,

The sight of the sun in my eyes and the sound of the ocean I can hear,

The grand sun setting at the horizon,

Lighting up the ocean one more time,

With its beautiful colors of red, yellow and crimson,

And now finally it is time, for the moon to rise.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this. Let me know what you thought of my poem in the comments!

Have a great day ahead and stay safe!



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