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#Blogmas Day 5 πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰ – The Feeling of Christmas!

Hey everyone! It’s the 5th of December, and it’s time for Blogmas Day 5!

Today’s post is a little different, and it’s about the Feeling of Christmas.

Christmas is a festival, and a festival is a day of happiness, joy and love. What makes festivals so special is the fact that we forget about everything; all worries and work, and focus on our loved ones and that’s what makes a festival beautiful.

Christmas, is even more special because it’s also the season of joy and giving which adds so much more. Giving a homeless person $10 or sharing your food with a hungry dog, can make their day! It’s as if Christmas is magic because on that day, putting all our worries aside, we enjoy and experience complete delight. All our happiness is channelled into the festival and we put our full focus into it. The excitement of meeting our family, meeting our friends, and looking at the smiling faces of loved ones when they see us at the door, is what we long for.

The best thing about Christmas is that it’s not just a festival, but instead it’s an entire season. The beginning of December often marks the beginning of the Christmas season, and we all become excited to listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, shop for decorations, gifts and trees! Christmas starts long before the actual day, and all of this positivity, cheerfulness, joy and love that we put into all the activities we do for the Christmas season is the Christmas feeling. For me, the feeling of joy, delight, happiness and love in everything I do for Christmas, from baking cookies to wrapping gifts, is the Feeling of Christmas.

Let me know in the comments what is the Feeling of Christmas to you?

Have a great day ahead! Bye!


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