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#Blogmas Day 9 🎄🎉 – Christmas Activities!

Hey everyone! It’s the 9th of December and it’s 16 days to Christmas!

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing 7 fun Christmas activities!

1. Bake Cookies!

What’s Christmas without cookies? You can spend some time baking cookies and decorating them. There are so many amazing designs to put on cookies!

Photo by Jill Wellington on

2. Build a Gingerbread house!

Building Gingerbread houses is so much fun (and a little messy), so you can set aside a couple of hours and build your own Gingerbread house and decorate it! You could maybe even make a mansion out of it!

Photo by Jamie Lee on

3. Watch Movies! 🎥

Who doesn’t love watching Christmas movies during the holiday season? There are so many amazing Christmas and holiday movies to put you in the Christmas mood! I shared a list of Christmas movies to watch in another post, click here to read it!

4. Listen to Christmas Music! 🎶

I love listening to Christmas music because listening to Christmas music puts you in such a cheerful mood and brings such a big smile to your face!

5. Make some DIY Christmas decorations!

You can make your own Christmas decorations, and put them up around your house! You could even spend some time decorating your Christmas tree!

6. Put up lights and Decorate your Christmas tree! 🎄

Lights always look so beautiful on Christmas, so you can spend some time putting up lights around your tree, house or room! I put up lights on a plant in my living room and it looks so beautiful! Click here to read that post! You can also look for the perfect tree, be it real or fake since that’s definitely an activity that takes time!

7. Buy gifts! 🎁

Buying gifts is an important part of Christmas, and it takes such a long time to find the perfect gift! Click here to read a list of 10 Christmas gift ideas!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Let me know in the comments which one of these activities you love doing before Christmas, or if you have a different favorite activity!

Have a great day ahead! Bye!


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