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#Blogmas Day 16 🎄🎉 – Holiday Bucket list!

Hey everyone! It’s December 16th and it’s time for Blogmas Day 16!

Today’s post is a little different, and I’ll be sharing my Holiday Bucket list!

1. Spend time with my family!

Spending time with my family is always the first thing on my holiday bucket list!

2. Bake Christmas cookies!

Christmas cookies are something we all love, and this year I want to make some!

3. Watch a holiday movie and drink Hot Chocolate!

Who doesn’t love holiday movies and hot chocolate, but both of them put together is just a completely different and amazing thing!

4. Make Christmas cards!

I love making handmade cards and I’m super excited to make cards for everyone this year!

5. Make a DIY Christmas tree!

It’s not always possible to get a real Christmas tree, so you can come up with a creative idea instead! This year, I want to make a mini DIY Christmas tree for show! I made one out of books last year too!

6. Build a Snowman!

I really want to build a Snowman this year even if it’s only a small one!

7. Make a DIY Snow Globe!

Snow Globes are so beautiful and unique, and I thought that it would be interesting and fun to make one of my own!

Let me know in the comments what your Holiday Bucket list looks like?

Have a great day ahead! Bye!


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