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#Blogmas Day 18 🎄🎉 – Favorite Christmas gifts!

Hey everyone! It’s the 18th of December and it’s 1 week to Christmas!!

Today’s post is about my Top 3 favorite Christmas gifts I’ve ever received! I’ve received a lot of amazing Christmas gifts over the years, but here are unique ones which are a few of my favourites!

1. A diary!

A diary is an almost perfect gift for almost anyone, but what makes it the most special is the fact that it’s a book for you. It’s a book for you to write your own story in, both literally and metaphorically.

2. Stuffed toys!

This is something that’s super childish, but what seems childish is what becomes the link to your fondest childhood memories.

3. A set of books!

Books are your best friends. There’s nothing I love more than a book, and receiving a set of books for Christmas is absolutely amazing!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas gift was?

Have a great day ahead! Bye!


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