#Blogmas Day 19 πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰ – A Christmas Collab with Tia!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Blogmas Day 19! It’s 6 days to Christmas!!

Today’s post is a little different, since it’s a Collab post!

In today’s post, I’ll be doing a Christmas Collab with Tia from Tall Blonde Tales! She’s an amazing lifestyle blogger, and her blog is super amazing! I absolutely love her content! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, click here!

In this Collab, we’ve come up with a total of 8 Christmas related questions which we’ll both answer. I’ll be sharing Tia’s answers to these questions in this post! To read my answers, check out Tia’s blog!

So, let’s begin!

1. If you were Santa Claus, what type of cookie would you want to be left out for you on Christmas Eve and why?

Hmm while I’m a sucker for gingerbread cookies, and they are very Christmassy, chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favourite so I’ll go with those. Although if I had to eat a few hundred thousand chocolate chip cookies I may get very sick of them…

2. What is one thing you do that you think is the most important part of Christmas?

Spending time with my boyfriend and family. All of us are really busy during the year, and I think the most important part of Christmas is all of us taking time away from the craziness of life to spend time together relaxing and doing some Christmas-related activities. It’s just not Christmas without spending time with the people you love in my books.

3. What’s the weirdest/ugliest Christmas decoration you’ve ever owned?

Oh I think we’ve had some truly terrifying ones over the years. The ugliest Christmas decoration I’ve ever had is probably this really freaky alien covered in tinsel and lights we had when I was a kid, and the weirdest one… nope that alien thing was the weirdest one too.

4. If you were a Christmas drink, what would you be and why?

I think I would probably be a chai latte, because I love the flavourful spices it’s such a nice blend between comforting vanilla and more interesting Christmas spices. Chai lattes are also a hug in a mug in my opinion, and I like to think of myself as being a friendly friend who gives the best hugs so yeah I would be a chai latte.

5. How would you spend the perfect Christmas day?

My perfect Christmas day would be waking up with my boyfriend and enjoying a hot cup of tea in bed. Next, we would go downstairs with the rest of my family, all of us in our pyjamas, and we would drink tea/coffee and eat mince pies for breakfast and open a few presents by the tree together. We would spend the day playing board games, my boyfriend and I would do some baking or watch our own movie, and then we would all get together and have a really big Christmas meal while listening and singing to Christmas songs. We’d finish off the day by watching a favourite Christmas movie, and just sitting around the tree/fire place chatting.

6. Who’s your favourite Christmas character from a book/movie/show etc.?

This is sooooo hard because there are so many great choices out there… but I think my current favourite is Noelle from the Disney movie Noelle because she is just so cheery and festive, and her love for Christmas and desire to help people is something I really admire, especially after her realisations in the second half of the movie. Honestly I aspire to have such a merry outlook on life and to embody Christmas to that level.

7. What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

I don’t have loads of Christmas traditions, as I realised this year, because most of what I would call traditions is simply spending time with my family. I do love our tradition of drinking tea and coffee while eating mince pies around the tree on Christmas morning, or my tradition with my dad of always listening to specific Christmas songs while we cook Christmas dinner, or my new tradition with my boyfriend decorating the tree.

8. What would be the best Christmas present in the world for you?

As cheesy as it sounds, the best Christmas present in the world for me this year would be to see my boyfriend and my family. Cheesiness aside, the next best Christmas present in the world would be an all-expense paid for trip to the Disney/Universal theme parks in Orlando, Florida, or maybe a big box of Funko Pops to add to my collection.

These answers are so amazing! The alien covered in tinsel and lights really does sound weird.

This Collab was so much fun! Visit Tia’s blog read my answers. Thanks once again Tia for doing this Collab with me!

Let me know in the comments what your answers to these questions would be? I would love to read them!

Have a great day ahead! Bye!

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