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12 tips so that you can say you’re a better person today than you were yesterday!

Hey everyone! I’ve been super busy over the last few months and I’ve attended a lot of camps and events lately.

I recently completed an event which was very insightful and shared a lot of tips and methods to improve ourselves, and I wanted to share them with all of you!

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

Margaret Fuller

There are a lot of things we aspire to be in life and there are a lot of things that we want to achieve. One might want to achieve success, to have a good career, or to have a big house. However, what we should all strive to achieve is to be a better person. We should develop our personalities in such a way so that we’re better people tomorrow than we are today.

Here are 12 things that I learnt from this event which I found really interesting which will help us to be better people.

1. We must prioritize

This is a very underrated statement that most of us ignore. It’s easy to be oblivious to it, but prioritizing is very important. Being able to decide between what’s important and what’s not is a key skill we should all develop.

2. We should have a positive mindset

A positive mindset equals a positive attitude and a positive attitude equals a positive and optimistic life. No matter what the situation, we should always look for the bright side.

3. We should be gritty

Grit is a word that I learned at this event and it’s quite a fascinating one. Grit is the perseverance and passion to achieve our goals and ambitions. We should be gritty and keep trying.

4. We should be grateful for what we have

In this materialistic world, we often we forget to be grateful for what we have. We’ll always want more, even when we have everything, there’ll be something we want, but remember to always be grateful for what you have. You are fortunate to have what you do.

5. Believe instead of Hope

A line that a guest speaker said during the event was, ‘Don’t hope for the best, believe for the best’. This is a really interesting line because it talks about using positive affirmations. We should believe instead of hope and again this links back to the positive mindset.

6. When you get an opportunity, take it

You will have more regrets for the things you didn’t try than the ones you tried and didn’t succeed at.

Jay Samit

This quote perfectly sums up this point. Later in our life, we’ll regret not trying something when we had the chance more than regretting when we fail at it.

7. We should embrace our creative side

Everyone has a creative side. You might like art, writing, blogging, acting or even baking and you should embrace it. Another thing to keep in mind is that we should do something creative because we love it, not because it has some material benefit.

8. We should face problems with a balanced mind

Handling and Approaching situations often requires a balanced mind. We should approach situations logically and emotionally balanced so that we can figure out the best approach and solution.

9. We should work on our strengths and weaknesses

This is something that’s told to all of us, and for good reason! We should work on our strengths and weaknesses so that we can improve ourselves to be a better version of ourselves.

10. We should set SMART goals

Sometimes we set goals which aren’t realistic. We should aim to set goals that are realistic and achievable.

11. We should compete with only ourselves

We often compare ourselves to our classmates or to our friends, but the only person we should compete with is ourselves. We should always try to be better than ourselves. We should be our own competitor.

12. We should be Global Citizens

We are all part of this beautiful world, and we should embrace this identity of ours as Global Citizens. We should help those in need and always embrace diversity. We should also address environmental issues as one because these issues don’t respect boundaries.

These were the things that I learnt from this event that I really loved and wanted to share with you all. Let me know which one or more of these do you think is the most important and if do share any points that you think should be included in this list!

You can reach out to me via the contact form on my blog to know more about this event.

Have a great day ahead! Bye!



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  1. Great tips!! I think the most important ones are 2. We should have a positive mindset, 4. We should be grateful for what we have, 6. When you get an opportunity, take it and 9. We should work on our strengths and weaknesses.This event seems awesome!

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