Around the World: Virtual Tour!🌍🌎

Travelling is one of the most wonderful and fun things to do. Getting to know other people and knowing other cultures and meeting new friends is all just part of the fun!! Sadly due to these tough times we are not able to go to other countries or cities to enjoy our breaks and holidays... Continue Reading →

Guest posts!!! 😄♥️

Heyy everyone!! Read along, don't skip to the end!! 😂 I've received 4 guest posts and I must say each and every one of them was fantastic!!! But now, it's time for the results of the guest posts!!!! Each and every one! Drumrolllll!!!!! Drumroll pleaseeee All the guest posts that were entered will be featured... Continue Reading →

What are grades? 🤔

Grades. Scores. Exams. Results. Tests. Each and every word related to this makes you nervous even if you're well prepared, and it's natural! But what are grades? What are scores? And what do they really tell us?? 😬 Imagine you've just given a 50 mark test and are anxiously waiting for the results. Let's say... Continue Reading →

#29 Famous Weekly Quotes ♥️

Hey everyone! You all must've already seen the change in the title (or not 😂). I'm changing the Famous Daily Quotes to Famous Weekly Quotes because I have quite a lot of work these days.. Anyway, let's get own with our next inspiring quote!!! “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the... Continue Reading →

#28 Famous Daily Quotes ♥️

Life is like a rollercoaster. Sometimes you close your eyes and hold on in sheer terror and other times, you just have to raise your hands up in the air and enjoy the ride! Enjoy life to the fullest while you can. Life is full of ups and downs and you can't change that. But... Continue Reading →

#27 Famous Daily Quotes ♥️

Where there is a will, there is a way This quote is short and sweet. When you are determined to do something, no obstacle and no challenge can stop you. You will get through all problems and emerge victorious!! When all doors are closed, don't wait for another to open, open one yourself!

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