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#Blogmas Day 16 🎄🎉 – Holiday Bucket list!

Hey everyone! It's December 16th and it's time for Blogmas Day 16! Today's post is a little different, and I'll be sharing my Holiday Bucket list! 1. Spend time with my family! Spending time with my family is always the first thing on my holiday bucket list! 2. Bake Christmas cookies! Christmas cookies are something... Continue Reading →

#Blogmas Day 15 🎄🎉 – Favorite holiday food and drinks!

Hey everyone! It's December 15th and it's 10 days to Christmas! Blogmas is so much fun this year! In today's post, I'll be sharing 4 of my favorite holiday food and drinks! 1. Hot Chocolate! Drinking Hot Chocolate in a mug, sitting on the couch, streaming a holiday movie is so much fun! Hot Chocolate... Continue Reading →

#Blogmas Day 13 🎄🎉 – A poem!

Hey everyone! It's December 13th and it's time for Blogmas Day 13! In this post, I'll be sharing a short poem on the holiday season! It filled my heart with joy,The bright lights shone rays of hope everywhere,The snow draped the world in a beautiful white blanket,And the wonderful smell of the delicious cookies, it... Continue Reading →

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